General Information

Some shops have credit card machines, but US$ cash, Rands, Pula and other currencies are generally accepted all over.  There are ATM machines (safe too!) at the banks in the road in front of Elephant’s Walk just off the main road.

You are very safe walking to our area and our Tourism Police will be delighted to walk with you and assist you find your way. You have street sellers trying to sell their wares along the way, but don’t let this put you off the trip – you may even find a bargain!  In general, you are more safe walking around Victoria Falls than most cities in the world – just beware of the odd urban elephant, a warthog family enjoying a day out or a troop of baboons looking for a take-away meal!

Most hotels shuttle bus service will drop off and pick up outside Elephant’s Walk on request.  Taxi’s are freely available and the drivers love acting as impromptu tour guides to any willing passengers! Most of the people working at Elephant’s Walk know of or have friends who are taxi operators, so don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations,

Most shops do not bargain but you can always ask!  The open air markets and street sellers expect you to haggle and you can generally settle on around 50% of the original asking price. 

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